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Terry Bradshaw joined 29 rookies and 19 veterans at the end of May for the Steelers rookie camp that would prepare the players for the summer camp.

“It still hurts,” explained Terry Bradshaw talking about his left wrist he broke in Houston during last season. “I just never get over joint injuries. The doctors may say I’m crazy, but the joints never seem to be the same.”

Bradshaw was still wearing a cast and said it wouldn’t affect his play. “It’s the story of my life. You just grin and bear it. It won’t bother me at all. I’m used to it now.” Bradshaw admitted he still has lingering pain from past neck, shoulder and ankle injuries, but just shrugs it off. Twisting his neck, he said, “It feels like there’s a golf ball back there.”

The wrist injury was supposed to take nine months to heal and he feels there’s a chance it will still improve although he believes a bone chip pressing on a nerve that may be causing the pain.
The wrist isn’t as sore as it was at the end of the year. “I couldn’t even dribble a basketball with my left hand last December,” he confessed. On the positive side, Bradshaw confirmed, “My legs are strong and my arm is strong. I still love it like a kid.”

Looking forward to the new season, Bradshaw suggested the Steelers needed to make the running game work better. “We’ll try to get it balanced,” he said. “We never really got the running game going last year.”

Reflecting on the 1977 season that fell short, he was hoping the club could put all the problems of last year behind it. “I’m hoping the team will pull together and play consistent, solid football. We just never played together last year. We played helter-skelter.”


The Pittsburgh Press revealed the Steelers were holding contact workouts in pads. Behind closed doors with the media excluded the workouts were a violation of the league’s rules that prohibited contact work or the use of pads as part of an off-season training camp.

Robert Pavuchak photo of John BanaszakMuch of the work focused on the defensive line where strong competition is expected in the team’s training camp in the summer. Four regulars (Joe Greene, Dwight White, Steve Furness and L.C. Greenwood), newly acquired Dave Pureifory, three injured reserve linemen (Gary Dunn, John Banaszak and Tom Beasley) and rookie Willie Fry (2nd round draft pick) and free agent Fred Anderson will fight for a roster spot.

“Last year we went with six (linemen) and injuries put us in bad shape by the end of the season,” said Banaszak, “So I think they might go with seven this year.”

Confirming pads had been worn, Fry confessed after the workout,, “Well, I’m not sore all over for nothing,”. Having not yet signed a contract, Fry didn’t have to take the hits. “The thought of not coming to rookie camp entered my mind, but I knew it would be best to be here. I’m just trying to make the team now. So far, nobody’s ahead. Everybody’s equal, whether you’re a second round draft choice or not.”

The above picture taken by Robert Pavuchak of John Banaszak wearing shoulder pads was also a bit of a give away to the rules violation.




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