Larger image - if you can suffer the legs

I'm thinking, "Umm... why doesn't Sascha tell me the Towel's upside down?"

Never mind. We can fix that by placing the mouse over the image.

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Well done Jodie!

Especially as some confused security guard had shouted at her.

The look of joy on the face of the lady behind is priceless. Photo taken by Jon.

Larger image - if you must

Pit 2 of the Terracotta Warriors.

Their request to be photographed with an ancient warrior.

Photo taken by party unknown.

Larger image - if you really must

Two ladies that asked to have their photos taken with me.

Honest guv'nor. I was sitting there chilled, minding me own when they appeared.

Jodie was the photographer.

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Making a statement, the right way up, in Tiananmen Square.

Jodie was the photographer.

Larger image - if you must

Look at that dessert.

Enough to put a smile on an old man's face.

Jodie was the photographer.

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One of Jodie's colleagues Colin, having the unfortunate experience of waiting for me to remember what I was going to say .

Jodie was the photographer.

Only the best - Heinz in Chinese.

My first night in Beijing, outside Grandma's Kitchen.

Niffty thing that timer on the camera, so I guess I claim the credit for taking my photo.

The China Adventure