Hampshire Thrashers vs Gloucester Banshees
April 19th 2009

Larger image Now - that's the idea. Let your opponents score first and lull them into a false sense of security.
Larger image It helps to have a good kicker and this one was reasonable.
Larger image

Good officiating from the umpire (but don't tell Dave I said that!)

Too easy to ball watch and he's looking for holding by the offensive and defensive lines.

Larger image Good PAT from the Thrashers.
Larger image All heads turn to see if it is good - and it was.
Larger image

No, he's not lining it up.

This is the actual kick.

The holder has placed the ball and the kicker is just about to connect.

Larger image Umm... does the ball carrier work for the AA? We will find out.
Larger image A fumble and the ball is loose so anyone can do anything (well almost) to get the ball as it is "live."
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