WAR & PEACE 2009 Part I

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A magic photo - taken by Pete Ridley.

This guy obviously enjoyed playing the part and his enthusiasm definitely comes out in this image. Top drawer.

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Lancaster bomber.

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That's a grimace, not a smile.

I really don't understand people who want to dress up as Nazis. Andy going on that there have to be Nazis to compete against... umm?

Takes a special breed to want to put that uniform on.

Larger image Thank god the Americans joined us in the war so we are still speaking English, not German.
Larger image And of course, the Germans lose. Fortunately.
Larger image Where's Andy?
Larger image Messerschmitt 109
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For the Kent surroundings, this is quite realistic. Not that I know much about the Vietnam war... lol.

Or as my brothers in Vietnam call it - the American war.

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