Steelers Nation at Super Bowl XLIII

Larger image When I took up officiating, I said that you had to be mad to put a helmet on and run around the field. I admire this fan's tenacity.
Larger image There's me thinking that you had to enjoy yourself as the lady on the left is.
Larger image And this couple obviously are.
Larger image Seems like a nice boy?
Larger image Brilliant.
Larger image Yes, you certainly were in Steeler Country.
Larger image The power of the Towel.
Larger image He must have got up even earlier than me to put his face on.
Larger image

Corey O'Connor and his brother, father Terry O'Conner, from Pittsburgh who discovered they were sat next to a Steelers' fan from the UK.

Larger image

I had a nano second to take this photo as he was in a hurry to pick up his ticket.

Didn't turn out too bad for a brief encounter.

Larger image

Interesting mouseover if you look at the larger image.

It was a shame for Cardinal fans that it wasn't true.

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