The Steelers at Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl XLIII banner

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Fans' photo gallery The Steelers Nation. Does any other sporting franchise have the same fanatical following as the black and gold?
Ben's photo gallery Superman Roethlisberger. Before kickoff, he went round to every player to give them the inspiration that carried the day.

Jeff Reed's photo gallery

Mr. Reliable I quite rightly labelled him during the season and here's my tribute to "my mate" Jeff Reed.
Mike Tomlin's photo gallery

Mike Tomlin, the surprise selection to fill Bill Cowher's head coach vacancy two seasons ago. No longer will anyone say, "Mike who?"

The youngest coach to win a Super Bowl. Ben Roethlisberger the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl in 2005.

Seems Pittsburgh give youth an opportunity.

Players' photo gallery The stars of the show - the Steelers' players.
Game photo index Photos from Super Bowl XLIII.
Mr. Rooney's Gallery The guv'nor. The man who has been part of this team since it began in 1933.
Ian Bradbrook's photos of the parade Ian (pictured here with girlfriend Tanya), from Leeds, was lucky to be in Pittsburgh for the parade and has shared his photos with us.